The next regular meeting will be held August 8, 2015

10-12 Meeting time


The May meeting was Flourishing

with Kathy Setina & Carol Scott

Flourishing by Holly Monroe

"Artwork by Holly Monroe, Speedball Textbook, 23rd ed. 1999.

Please look for the Centennial edition coming out this spring."




February Valentine Social: Card Exchange & Raffle

held at the home of Sherry Barber

Invitation lettered by Ashley Stewart

Printed via letterpress by Sherry Barber

A few Images from the 2015 social, Photography by Shannon Toon

Thank you to the chairman, Linda Jones for a wonderful job and all her helpers who made it happen.

2015 Social2015 Social


2015 Social

2015 Social2015 Social

2015 Social


2015 Social

2015 Social

2015 Social




First United Methodist Church in Richardson

503 North Central Expressway, Room 217 A

Park on the north side of the building towards the west. There is an elevator available.


White on Black Playdate

Became White on Dallas

Rescheduled to June 13, 2015

See Workshop page

J Wright White on Black

April-June Calendar


Envelope Lettering

Need Envelope Lettering?

Many of our members letter envelopes, place cards, Invitations, Poems and much more. For a list of available calligraphers click here.








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